How Much Does A Process Server Charge?

All process servers will charge differently as they is no set rate for service of documents, if they are not funded by the LSC. If you have a LSC funded case then all Process Servers will charge £32 per hour and 45 pence per mile!

Estimated Charges

As i have stated above all companies will charge differently but the will range from £50 – £120 depending on the; Location, time scale, amount of attempts and millage. If you have a local process server and mainly instruct in the local area the charges will be around; £50 – £85 depending on the sort of process server you use.

They are many solo process servers who work for a couple of local clients who have either retired from the police force or an industry with the same sort of background; i.e. Bailiffs, environmental agency, etc. If you hire a process server of this background you may be able to get a local serve done for £50 as they don’t charge VAT and have no over heads.

If you hire a process server company prices are slightly higher due to over heads and so on, but they are more trusted, better suited and more beneficial.

What Dukeries Process Servers Charge!

Dukeries process servers charge a local fixed fee serve for £89.50 this includes; 2 visits, millage and proof of service. We will attach the copy documents to the proof of service and provide a full formal report of the happenings and invoice.

The areas we will serve for £89.50 are;




Parts of Derby

Parts of Sheffield

(Please note all urgent serves with a dead line are charged at £140 plus VAT in the above areas)

If you require a process carrying out, outside the above areas we charge £140 plus VAT

With using Dukeries you are sure to get a high quality professional service at a affordable price and you can be sure that our trusted process servers are fully trained and will work around hours to suit you. We are able to cover the whole of the United Kingdom with agents in most post codes.

You can contact us on; 0845 230 3012 or email us at;

Please note these are not set charges and charges can change, please do not phone up and assume the price will be anything without asking for a quote from our offices and speaking to a process server.

Dukeries Process Servers

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