We Serve Winding Up Petitions

At Dukeries Process Servers we have our own network of Process Servers with many years of experience in every; City, Town and Village across the UK. We offer a discreet and professional service to; Corporate Clients, General Public, Legal Profession and Government Departments. All Process Serving that Dukeries Process Servers deal with is carried out in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules & Information Commissioners Office guidelines.

When the service of your documents is complete we will prepare a Affidavit, Certificate of Service or Statement and will return it to you with the exhibited documents as required for the next stage of your legal process.

If you need a Winding Up Petition form serving and we havent got an office please phone; 0845 230 3012 and we will be happy to help as we have a process server in every postcode across the United Kingdom.

We also Serve:

  • ApplicationsWinding Up Petition
  • Bankruptcy Petition
  • Claim Form
  • Committal Notice
  • Divorce Petition
  • Family Proceedings
  • Freezing Order
  • N39 Order to Attend Court
  • N79a Suspended Committal Order
  • N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order
  • Non-Molestation Order
  • Notice Seeking Possession
  • Notice to Quit
  • Occupation Order
  • Possession Order
  • Prohibited Steps Order
  • Residence Order
  • Subpoena
  • Statutory Demand
  • Winding Up Petition
  • Witness Summons

Dukeries are also private investigators that operate throughout the United Kingdom

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